Accidents Happen

Accidents are complicated. Proper analysis of collisions or incidents involving personal injury requires understanding and analyzing the contribution of all factors, not just a few. Impact Forensics has the expertise needed to recognise these factors and communicate them in a way you can understand. For a complete listing of our collision reconstruction services, read more.

Impact Engineering

Vehicle collisions and other types of accidents can occur in a matter of seconds, but determining how or why they occur is a complicated scientific process. Working with insurance companies, independent adjusters, law firms or private entities, Impact Forensics will help you collect and secure pertinent evidence, analyze and understand the facts of the claim, and communicate the real issues in a manner that you can understand. If or when your case proceeds to trial, Impact Forensics can assist with trial preparation, opposing expert report rebuttals, and expert testimony.

Impact Data Collection

Vehicle and scene evidence collection is a critical component of a successful investigative process, but hiring forensic experts to collect this information early in the claims process may not fit into your budget. However, delaying your decision to secure vehicles, document scene evidence, or download invaluable Black Box or other vehicle electronic data until a Statement of Claim has been issued may cost you critical information. Significant delays may result in compromised, or worse, lost evidence that could negatively impact your position. Contact Impact Forensics about our fast, secure and cost effective data collection service.

Impact Expertise

The investigation and analysis of incidents involving loss or liability is a complex undertaking. While determining the causes or factors related to these incidents presents a challenge, the greater challenge rests in communicating these technical results to clients, juries, and the trier of fact. With experience testifying in the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario and the Ontario Court of Justice for both Criminal and Civil cases, as well as with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), Impact Forensics has the expertise to communicate the facts of your claim clearly and truthfully.

Impact Forensics expertise can help you uncover the truth and communicate it in a way that makes sense.


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